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Airtable API doesn't filter records correctly

Hey Airtable Community!I have a problem that's been bugging me for some time and I can't seem to solve it, so I decided to ask for your help.I have an automation on that pulls data from my bank account, looks for transactions by [transaction...

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query metabase

hey guys,I have a huge database of customers in metabase.comwhat i want to achieve is a script that will access metabase via api, query the bookings table and based on some criteria return value from field ID (booking id).

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API GET request with fields in query string failing

the url I am using (In Power Automate Desktop) is{"Account No","Case Descriptive"}&view=Update Taxes Monthly - Dad&filterByFormula=AND({DNC Case Master} = 0, OR({Taxes Owed Last U...

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Air table & Wordpress integration for dynamic URL

hello guysI  have outdoor laser tag business , I’m running airtable about 5 months after every client booking birthday . I need login to other service enter the details: name kids , ages , address , city , and created birthday invitation. it’s looks ...

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Embedding Airtable Form via Iframe and Security

HiI'm looking to embed the an airtable form into my site but I noticed that unless we set the COEP header to be unsafe-none rather than credentialless.  Are we not able to set the iframe as credentialless for added security?Thanks!

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Problem when using scripting to add records

There are 131 fields in my table. After retrieving 2000 records and making them synchronize their fields, i only receive success for 300 records when using scripting to import them to my Airtable table. Why is this? 

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