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Resolved! Airtable API using Node.js create field examples?

Does anyone know of documentation that has an example of creating each field type using Node.js?There are certain field types I am running into issues with such as date fields and currency fields and I can not find much documentation of when an examp...

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Cancale auto save on a field

I work with a team and we have a field that we write notes in it (I don't like the comments section), the field type in Long text. It is very easy to accidentally delete contact from it. I want to defend it from this by demanding the user to manual s...

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How to create and link a record to a sync table

I have 2 bases (Payments and Ledger)And on Ledger base i have a sync table from Payments baseI'm making a script that runs on a table in the Ledger database. This script will create a record in the Payments base and then link that record to a table i...

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Guics by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Issues with Jotform Integration

The past week or so, we have experienced intermittent issues with the Jotform + Airtable integration.1. Some Jotform submissions indicate they were successfully sent to Airtable, and never showed up in Airtable.2. Fields that contain more than one at...

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Resolved! How to filter a linked record from a table by input with a script

I'm trying to filter my extract by the bank that the user select, but i'm always getting null.What am i doing wrong?const extract = await Extract.selectRecordsAsync({    fields: ["Name", "Data", "Valor", "Bank"]}).then(query => query.records)let bank...

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Guics by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Copy Base via API

I have a problem, everytime when I creating new base, I need to manually set up all tables. I have the main base that I would like copy(tables, extensions, automations) to others, can I archive that by API or code ?

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