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Find previous record and update date

I am using Airtable as a finance base that enables us to create a financial forecast for the current year.  I want to be able to correctly predict all salaries that are going to be paid out.  All compensation changes for each employee are located in ...

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Resolved! Finding records in a table based on field value

I would like to find records whose ID field match a given value, playlistId, in a specific table I defined as playlistsRecords. In other words, I want to find matches in a field, get their record IDs, and if there are no matches to tell me that there...

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DPG by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

AI-First Attitude Adjustment

Developers who adopt AI-first mindfulness will run circles around their colleagues.I recently saw a new feature request to add a formula to a platform that would proper-case names. Proper case, also known as title case functions, capitalize the first...

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Adding automation to table via API

Hi all,I've been searching a solution for creating (adding) an automation to table that is created via API call.Simplified process would be: 1. User adds a new project (to another system) [OK]2. This invokes process that creates AT table (to existing...

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User Seat Type Information Through Airtable API

Hi I am having difficulty getting information on users seat types (builders,contributors,viewers)I have tried the below API calls 1.Get Base Collabrators2.Get User By ID 3.SCIM list users I cant seem to find the place where this information is stored...

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Clickable "Call phone" button

I would to have a button to click that acts like a browser "tel:1234567899" link.Attempted to do this with the Button field, but it appears that "tel:" hyperlinks does not work to create a button that opens a URL to call a phone. The button is not cl...

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Refresh Token Usage

My team and I received an email from airtable that a third party integration access to our Airtable account has been revoked due to security concerns around refresh token usage. We also happen to be the developers of the 3rd party integration.We curr...

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Google's PaLM AI plus Airtable: First Impressions

NOTE: Once again, Khoros killed my posting mojo. I spent an hour creating a great post only to lose it; some sort of security issue. I am so done with this community platform. I retyped it in my Substack. [sigh]As you may know, Google released beta a...

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Error when Upserting Data via API

I am working on an integration that pulls data from a source, matches it to an account in AirTable, based on a common field - "Domain" - and then appends the Account record with data from the other source.I have gotten this to work on small tables wi...

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Error while developing extensions

Hello, I'm creating a custom extension but I'm getting this error.TypeError: Nc.createContext is not a function at the screenshot from the app an the Chr...

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