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Resolved! Webhook callback body missing data

I've successfully created a webhook via the Airtable API using the following json: { "notificationUrl": "", "specification": { "options": { "filters": { "dataTypes": [ "tableData" ...

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Airtable to Eventbrite Sync

Anyone have success syncing event details between Airtable and EventBrite? only seems to tie to date and name of event, none of the detail fields appear to be mappable.  

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Resolved! Unable to use OAuth - Error Message

I am trying to set up an OAuth for Make, as API keys are no longer available to use, and it says not to give Personal Access Tokens to third party companies.I do not understand what the 'OAuth redirect URL' is supposed to be, at the moment I have tri...

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 15.26.30.png Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 15.31.17.png
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Resolved! Error while fetching Airtable data-- Documint

Hi, I'm trying to create a custom document, using Documint, but each time I'm put the "create buttom" the emerge page showed up the follow message: "Error while fetching Airtable data: You are not authorized to perform this operation"Can you help me?...

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Alma by 4 - Data Explorer

Airtable's API

I'm developing an automation with Make that should extract specific values (Email, Città and CAP) from an email body.  The values should be saved into airtable fields.Make returns the following error message when tries to save the extracted CAP value...

Hostmate_0-1708168409036.png Hostmate_0-1708167902152.png Hostmate_1-1708168006564.png
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Oauth refresh token grant fails intermittently

We have an integration with airtable that leverages oauth. In some cases we have been seeing intermittent failures when trying to get a refresh token for the same user, without auth edits. The refresh flow will work but then in some cases will return...

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Limit Check Too Many Records in Table

Hi,I currently have an Airtable base connected to Softr that has 198,322 / 250,000 records. When one of my stakeholders are currently endorsing in Softr, they receive this message (see screenshot).I would like to know the root cause and a possible so...

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Formatting Qualtrics data in Zapier to upload to Airtable

Hi all -I am working to update an Airtable table using responses to a Qualtrics survey via Zapier. I have many multiple choice questions, some up to 17 options, and the column these feed to in Airtable is itself a multiselect field column (so I want ...

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 23.28.54.png Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 23.30.10.png
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ICM by 4 - Data Explorer

Hyperlinking - This should be easy.

If anyone could shed light on this I would be appreciative. In my example, I have two columns, one with a ResourceName, the other a URL. A third column would hyperlink the ResourceName with the URL. Easy peasy? Not so. Still. A: ResourceName    Brown...

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Security: Airtable vs Jira

Hi All,In terms of security and protection of clients data, which is better Airtable or Jira? how they are different from each other when it comes to security ? Many thanks 

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Zapier API Alternative

I have had to change my zapier integration with Airtable because of the API deprecation. It looks like the "API Requests (Beta)" should be an easy transition with the authentication method updated. However, when I put the same URL into it, I can't ge...

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Resolved! AirTable PHP using new Personal Token have been using this tool flawlessly and working my new Personal Token where my API key existed.use \TANIOS\Airtable\Airtable; $airtable = new Airtable(array( 'api_key' => 'API_KEY', 'base' => 'BASE...

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Are custom frontends for Airtable feasible?

Hi everyone!I was wondering how easy/complicated it is to have a programmer build a custom frontend for an Airtable Database. I am still looking to build a Report tool, where workers can create a Report for the day and choose from a number of project...

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4N by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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