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Struggling with AND vs OR in my formula

Hi All, I could use a little insight into what's wrong with my formula.It's scripted in my API, using Airtable.js with Next.js.The following works with only the second two fields, which are multi-select, but ignores (or seems to ignore) the text inpu...

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API Token access to table with limited colmuns view

Hello,Is there a possibility to grant/create API token for a read-only mode and for a limited number, of selected columns only? E.g. I don't want to give access to API for viewing some specific confidential information, but only specific fields, is t...

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Looking for an Airtable developer

I work for a nonprofit that has begun to use Airtable extensively. We house almost all our data in it and we use Make to integrate it with almost everything we use.  However, we have one major system that is not currently integrated and that requires...

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Same Table Linked Records Backlinks automatically

Thanks @openside for your famous post "New Script: Same Table Linked Records Backlinks".Is there a way to use this in automation so that whenever the Parent task is updated, the child task runs? How would you need to modify the script?

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Importing CSV from LIKEtoKNOWit into Airtable

Have a specific use to an influencer where I have dumped data from an exported CSV by quarterly revenue earned through affiliate marketing platform known as LIKEtoKNOWit. The login to access this CSV is behind a login page for each influencer/blogger...

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Suspicious traffic from airtable?

Hello, Did anyone try to connect airtable to aws s3 (directly or via zapier) and notice an unusually high amount of "read object" calls coming into the s3 bucket from airtable?

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Personal Access Tokens <> Power Automate connector

I'm trying to connect Power Automate with Airtable using this connector: I am able to connect when using the API Key. However, when I try to use a personal access token, I get an error. I've tri...

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Resolved! Unknown Error Occured when sending email automation

I have setup an automation to send emails on record creation. However, the automation fails with a message: An unknown error occurred.The automation succeeds if I change the send to email to a personal email I have.I suspect this is something to do w...

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 16.19.36.png
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GPT Plugins: Existential No-Code Threat?

Bold headline, right? An existential threat to what exactly? Well, um, everything compute-related. But let's narrow this missive down to, Airtable itself (for example).Unless you live in a cave, you're aware of ChatGPT. It's in the process of roto-ti...

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Resolved! Error in reading row of Airtable grid view

Hi All I am trying to pass Airtable data into Revit with the help of the DynaWeb dynamo package.I created a grid view and integrated this with the dynamo script.I am confused why the 3rd row is in index 02nd row is in index 5Please help me to solve t...

RK_0-1679656970001.png RK_1-1679657028825.png RK_2-1679657082400.png RK_3-1679657509303.png
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