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Interfaces API call return 404

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with api calls on interfaces?Get / Delete / Add workspace or base collaborators work perfectly fine. But seems like anything to do with interfaces in not found. The below specifically.Even putting the UR...

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Script Extension conversion to Button click script

Here the working script extension: // Create script output descriptionoutput.markdown( "# Stores with 2+ WO in 30 days" ); // Set Tableconst woTable1 = base.getTable( "BR_Details" ) // Set Viewconst woView1 = woTable1.getView( 'Stores with 2+ WO in 3...

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Resolved! Scripting help

Probably a simple solution, but I can not figure it out. I am using the following script to try to get a list of all of the records in a specific table.let table = base.getTable("Codes");let query = await table.selectRecordsAsync();console.log (query...

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Resolved! Error when mapping ContactForm7 with Airtable

When mapping a WordPress CF7 with airtable, Airtable allows Contact Form 7 to write into the field Email if it's an "Email" field-type, but not if i convert it to a linked table.I would like that the field "Email" inside of the table Messages links t...

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Resolved! use single select field values in input select

I'm trying to use the options from a single select field as an 'input' selection in my script. I'm not sure if Airtable allows this. So far I have: let selectTable = base.getTable("Courses"); let selectField = selectTable.getField('School Year'); let...

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