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Creating Multiple Records with One Request

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Hey all. I’m tasked with doing some automation of a few processes. As part of this task, I need to create several records in an AirTable base.

I’m using AirtablJS, with typescript typings from DefinitelyTyped. I was wondering how I can create multiple records with one request.

I saw on the API docs that I can just pass an array of field data to the base(“tableName”).create() function to do this. But, when I try it on my codebase, Node complains that create() has no such overload that takes an array of records.

Any advice on doing this?

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Wild guess - the SDK you are using (is it this one?) doesn’t support this relatively new API method.

If it is this SDK, notice not a single commit to the project in a half year and I’m pretty sure the API has made leaps and bounds since then.


So, I’d there a newer SDK? Or, am I pretty much stuck with this?

I guess for now I can just iterate over them and send requests like every 200 ms. Kinda Jacky. But it works for now.

Hi Patrick, this is the correct api. And it’s been updated recently.

I think maybe the typescript types hasn’t been, though. So maybe not use that. But the js library definitely supports bulk calls