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Good morning, Developers,
@Katherine_Duh, @Airtable_Admin
I found on this message thread.
As I’m struggling to study and practice Script-Block and Custom-Block simultaneously while I’m supposed building an excellent airtable frontend, I don’t have an airtable frontend at the moment.
In its current state, looks very attractive for a temporary airtable frontend for me before maybe one day I will find time to do much more with the same REACT needed for the Custom Block…
But after a registration at 0$ to try it, I stopped: I can’t figure out who is at all.
Do you know these Developers?
I’m really not enthusiastic about giving my airtable API-Key to a site I can’t find the Owner, the office address, the phone, the company registration number…
What does the CSO think about it ?



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In the absence of vetting by Airtable directly, I like the BuiltOnAir resource list. Of course, it can be hard for brand new businesses/organizations/people to get added. One of these days, when I have time, I’ll build a website for myself and ask to be added.

You can create a new user with less privileges and use that user’s API key. I’ve created websites that need read-only access to Airtable data. In those cases, I create a free read-only user with read-only access and use that API key. If you need more than read-only access, and you are willing to pay for the additional user, you can do the same. (It’s a trade off between having to pay for the additional user and the peace of mind knowing that you aren’t giving out your personal API key.)

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Your best bet is to ask @pory directly. I doubt Airtable developers can give you any additional information about since its a third-party.

Thank you @Kamille_Parks to answer my post.
Sometimes, some Forum’s Airtable solutions , scripts Developers are knowing other developers and tell us something about them.

That site seems to be owned by @pory — you can direct your questions to her!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi @Olpy_Acaflo,

I created Pory to help people create sites using Airtable without code as a side project and so you won’t be able to find any company information on us (just yet).

Unfortunately, for us to render sites using your Airtable data, we would need your API key until Airtable has another way for us to handle other people’s data. Rest assured your API key is encrypted in our database.

Also while it’s free to create sites using your Airtable base, we do have subscription plans offering features like custom domain and other integrations like payments, local services, ads etc. further down the track.

Hope this helps!


Good morning Sam @pory ,
Thank you for your answer and your “solution” at this time, about the airtable-API key and why.

I will try your from an account / experimental database that doesn’t contain any data I don’t want to lose one day in case the airtable API-Key escapes against your, against my intentions.

This will allow me to see how can help me.

I’ll be sure to send you a feedback the day I’ll have had time to do so.

Hopefully @Emmett_Nicholas (airtable) will also deliver future API-Keys giving less privileges to some User than my Base Creator privileges.



5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks for checking it out @Olpy_Acaflo. Your link to Pory is spelt incorrectly, you might want to update it in case another user clicks on it haha! :winking_face:

fixed ! :winking_face:

sorry for that wrong spelling !


A coupl’a observations - mostly for Airtable: :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The number of third-party solutions are growing pretty quickly and partly because Airtable has transitioned from code-free, to code-centric where extensibility is required.
  • There’s almost no way for users to get a sense of the opportunities to use third party tools and developers to help them advance their solutions.
  • Perhaps a well-vetted registry that documents the topography of systems and services in the Airtable community would be helpful.

Thank you Maestro @Bill.French !
Always well founded and well expressed as usual!
I hope that the most appropriate people at airtable will read you and hear you!
Thank you!