Counting different checkboxes for different types of activities and for multiple members ๐Ÿ˜‰

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I would like to ask someone from the community for advice, or the correct formula, since within Airtable I solve such tables, or a linked table with several fields / windows, while it is a kind of recorder and at the same time an evaluation of records in the recorder of activities of members of a team.
So I have one table called Schedule of activities where I have the first column which belongs to the Activity ID, the second column which belongs to the date and the third which belongs to the Type of Activity and then there are other columns with checkboxes, each one belonging to a specific member - e.g. Member A, Member B, Member C etc. (one column for one member).
And then I want in the next table, or table field /
table window called Summary of members' participation in Type of Activities, I wan to make a summary of the number of participation of specific members in specific types of activities. So I have in it the first column belonging to the ID of Summary, then there is a column with the names of specific members who participate in specific types of activities, and then there are columns that belong to specific activities (one column for one activity), which indicate the numerical value of the amount of participation of a member in specific type of activity, while each of these columns obtains the numerical value of the number of participation of member per type of activity by adding up the number of checkboxes from the previous table = Schedule of activities.
So, for example in the column for Activity 1, in the row for Member A, the numerical value of Member A's participation in Activity 1 for the given month will be indicated,
respectively participtaion of Member A on each Activity 1 performed in the previous table /
table field / window ( Schedule of activities ) ๐Ÿค”

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