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Filling in Name + Surname from email Address

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone! 🙂

In one table, i got Name + Surname + Email Address

In another table, i only got Email Address, but i need to fill in the Name + Surname that i have in the other table.

How could i do this?

Thanks a lot


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Dreamers , 

If the second table contains the email address as a linked record to the first table, then you could use a lookup field to get name and surname from the first table. (Assuming that in the first table email, name, and surname are all separate fields). If you then need name and surname in a single field in the second table, you could add a formula field which concatenates the name and surname lookup fields.

Hi @Dreamers,

You like the second table to display the first name and last name from the first table, right? You could: set the "email" field in the second table as the primary key. Then, add a new column called "Link to another record" and link it to the first table. Next to it, create two more columns (with Lookup type) to display both the first name and last name.

Once you've done all of this, go back to the first table and replace (delete the old email column) with the newly created linked record column, renaming it to "Email." By following this procedure, you will insert the first name and last name into the first table and only the email into the second table. Once you associate the email with the record in the first table, you will correctly see the corresponding first name and last name in the second table.

I hope this helps!