How to get a 'Daily View' based on dates (auto populate?) in the Table.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Please excuse my lack of knowledge as I am a novice user of Airtable, and also not familiar with databases.

I am seeking guidance and help on a small matter.

I have collated birthdays and anniversaries of my friends, about 900+. I have created the base and the Table and called it 'Master View'. Now in this table, I want to have a 'Daily View' wherein based on the date on a daily basis, I get to see the sifted data of only those who are celebrating their birthday and anniversary on that day. I can then share the link of this 'View' with all my friends for a better coordination amongst us on daily basis.

Please help. Thanking in advance.

(The fields in the 'Master View' of my Table are Name, Name of Spouse, Date of Birth, Date of Marriage, Contact Number, and Mugshot (photo) of the person.)

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You can, for example, compare with 

DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'DD MMM'), depending on how your dates are stored
Like IF(DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'DD MMM')={Date of Birth} ,  'Conrgats!' , DATETIME_DIFF(..... )). And then show only congrats in your view.