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Re: Making a counter each time a cell is altered

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4 - Data Explorer

As a pianist, I have a base with all the works of the composers I work on. I mark the date each time when I work on a score, so I can see later how much time (in days) has passed since I worked on it (using DATEDIFF). When I work on it again, I change the date. Is there a way to count the date-changes automatically, so that I can see how many times I work on a score?
Each time I change the date, the number should go one higher. I tried with (IF(Uitvoeringsdatum<TODAY(),“”,Totaal+1) but that only works for the present day. (the next day the condition doen’t apply anymore)
Any ideas?

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8 - Airtable Astronomer


If you have a field called “number of times changed”
A field with a checkbox called “edited”
A field with last modified (only for the checkbox) include time
A formula field with - number of times changed +1

Then whenever you change the piece - check or uncheck the checkbox

This will trigger the field last modified to change

Then have an automation that copies the value in the field “times changed plus one” into the field - times changed.

This will keep adding one to your number of times changed field.

Good luck.

Thanks for your quick answer.
Checking the checkbox triggers field “last modified” to change, but doesn’t add a number to any other field. Of course the formula does this, but it isn’t triggered by the checkbox.

Did you build the automation which copies the value in the formula field to the field with “number of changes”?

So if the current value for edits is 3

Then the formula should read 4

The automation triggered by a change in the last modified field (or check box status ) copies the 4 into the field which has 3 in it … so changing the value.

The formula will then read 5 ready for the next update.

I’m sorry, no, I didn’t build the automation, I’m not sure how: "the automation which copies the value in the formula field to the field with “number of changes” "–> which value?
And I don’t know how to build that automation, I tried, but don’t know how to start.

No worries

This may help - Airtable Automations overview

You will want to create automate

Trigger - on record update

When “last modified” field is updated - make sure this field is limited to the checkbox field.

Task - update record

Select - record in the first step

Update field - number of edits

Make it dynamic

The updated value should be {the field updated +1}

And that should be it sorted.