Copy - Paste in Interface Grid element on MS Windows

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4 - Data Explorer


I have an interface with a grid view. In the view there is a select field. 

I want user to be able to select one field, copy the field (CMD+C or CTRL+C) and Paste in the same fields of the other records

On Mac this works perfectly. CMD+C copies the selected field. With Shift users can select the same fields of the other records in the Grid and with CMD-V they can paste it in 

However for users using Windows 11 with Edge or Chrome this does not work: CTRL-C is fine (you get a notification that the cell is copies). With Shift you can select the cells of the other records and they are being selected (blue background). However CTRL+V does not work. 

This works fine in the base. Just not in the interface. 

Is this a bug or a known limitation? 




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