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4 - Data Explorer

Good Afternoon,

I am an Administrator for a private education institution and I am curently working on turning my Airtable bases into an interface that our entire team can interact with. I’m working to avoid anyone other than myself and one other Administrator ever having to interact with the typical Airtable bases/grids.

The one thing I’m struggling to figure out (I’ve watched all the available videos and livestreams etc and referred to the online help guides).

We’ve connected our Twilio account to Airtable via the Apps/Dashboard feature within the base containing all of our contacts. It works just fine, no issues there.

What I’m looking to do, is take that Dashboard/App element and add it into the Interface that I’ve set up so that the faculty who interact with the interface only can have access to the Twilio messaging feature. We use it primarily for urgent communications as they arise (weather, health, safety etc), and our class hours are not always within the work hours of the Administrators who can access the base and not just the interface.

How would I go about taking that App/Dashboard element from my base and adding it to a user friendly interface or element within an interface?

Please let me know if my question is clear – within the Airtable environment the word Dashboard now has 2 very different meanings from what I can tell (one being a side panel on grid bases with access to integrated platforms, apps and scripts, the other being a layout format within the Interface designer) which has made finding info/support on this more difficult. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots as well. Attachment 1 has a red box around the Dashboard Element I’m referring to, Attachment 2 is the interface I would like to add it into if possible.
attachemnt 1 copy
attachment 2 copy

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I know this is from a couple years ago. any luck? Looking to do something similar.