Dashboard and Records Review - why can't I combine this with a "records list" element?

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7 - App Architect

Im trying to develop a interface that can act as a command center for driving many of our meetings, but it requires a timeline view as well as a records list. however

  • if I try starting with dashboard, I can add a timeline view but can not add records list. I can only add a record picker which does not work at all for this use case.
  • if I try starting with records reviewer, I can not add a timeline view (the timeline element added here only shows the single record selected in the records list, but I want a timeline view of all records in my list)
  • if I start from blank, its similar to dashboard… there is no records list element.

am I missing something?
I feel like there should be a way to connect every element to the record picker or record list of their choosing so that it allows for a mix of interface options. It would be even better if I can select a record in my timeline and have it show the data in the elements below, but that’s more wishful thinking

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Hi @matt_stewart1 ,

I think the element you are looking for is Grid

no, grid is a grid view.

in the Interface template for “Records Reviewer” there is a Records list element added to side panel of the interface that shows all records on the table, allowing filters, grouping, color coding, sorting, etc. Then depending on which record you select in this list the data in all other elements gets updated.

a record picker is a single line dropdown menu allowing you to click open, select a record, and then see data. This allows no visibility to all other records or customizing what is in this list or the sorting and grouping.

I did find that I can add a timeline view to my records reviewer, disconnect it from the records list, and connect it to a table, which solves the problem… however it does not let me position it ABOVE all the other elements associated with the actual record list, so its a very odd layout.