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Re: Does upgrading to "Pro" remove the nags, or just change them to "upgrade to Enterprise"?

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I don’t need anything at Pro level yet (Plus does what I need for now), but I utterly despise having every page showing “Upgrade to Pro” on it, looks really naff.

If I do “upgrade”, will it completely remove all nags, or will it nag me for the next level instead?

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I’m on Pro, but I sill get things saying “upgrade to enterprise!”

It’s sad. I have NO need for enterprise, I’m a solo operator. Yet, they keep nagging me.

Hey man, no promises, but if you’re willing to use Tampermonkey and can put up some screenshots of these “Upgrade to Pro” messages, when I’m free I could try to throw something together that would hide them for you

I can mod the DOM code myself, that’s not the issue - I have clients I want to be able to use the interface for simple data changes, and I don’t want them coming back to me going “so how do I upgrade to Pro?”, so fking stupid to have this on there as a paying customer.

Will just make my own interface on our side for anything that requires interaction with things Airtable deems “not Pro enough”. So annoying.