Group By Formula - Airtable Interface Internal Error when Adding New Record

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7 - App Architect


I’m very fresh to the airtable community, but not to airtable itself.

I’ve been working with the new interfaces feature extensively, and have a great affection for it, but I’m running into a ‘group by’ error that I think has been asked before, but not in relation to interfaces, so I thought I’d double-check if this was a planned feature, or if there’s another method that might work better.

In any case, I would like to group records by ‘due today’, ‘upcoming’, and ‘overdue’. The way I do that is by using a formula. This generally works pretty well, however, when I try to create a new record (the ‘+’ symbol next to the record viewer), I get an ‘internal error’ and I have to refresh the page.

The record is still created, but in every instance, the shoots out the error and I have to refresh the page.

Is there a different way to get the same solution? I suppose I could use the filters to do it manually (ie. due date is today, due date is before today, etc.), but I’ve discovered my employees don’t actually use those filters, mostly because it doesn’t occur to them. Grouping, I’ve found, seems to be much more intuitive.

In any case, let me know if I’m way off base, if I’m doing something wrong, or if I should get my head out of the sand and just use filters, or whatever else I can come up with.

I was really proud of my formula/grouping method, but now that I can’t add new records easily, I’m not sure I’m sure what to do.

Thank you! Sorry for the novel.

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