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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

We have a lot of projects and i want to create a refined high profile project interface.


Option 1 is for me to manage what projects show up here, and its a singular list no matter who you are. We are all looking at the same high profile projects. This is easy to do, but less affective.


Option 2, which is preferred, is to create a customizable high profile interface. So that each user can go to the page and see the projects they want to monitor. The problem i have with this is that it would need to be a multiple user field, and we would need to trust that when someone edits said field to add or remove their name that they dont mistakenly delete other names. So im looking for a way to make this happen with less risk of user error.


one thought is to make a checkbox field to add to your report, and a separate checkbox field to remove from your report. then setup an automation that watches to see what user last modified one of those fields and then the automation would update the name field directly. the problem with this is if there is a delay in automation and 2 people are trying to edit the checkbox on the same project at same time, it may not trigger correctly. still better than everyone accessing and manually editing the names field though.


Wondering if anyone has a better idea to automate this?

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