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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Interface newbie here (and, I've been at that stage for a LONG time, tbh)

I'd love to build out an interface, but I'm just *not getting it*. I can add basic elements, but some of the things that my brain is visualizing, I can't get to replicate in this space.

For example: I'd love to have an interface reflect on the success of the events the day prior. How many overall registrants across all events (which I've figured out), and then display the highest few (2/3?) events as a separate widget. I think I need to make these all formulas in my data? Or can I just make a formula in the interface itself?

One layer further, we have a team of 6. It would be cool to have one interface show each person's "best" (highest registration count) event from the day prior, all within the same widget. 

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