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Re: Interface sharing option suggestion

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I tried using interface designer and it is a very cool feature. One thing I would suggest to have is a sharing the interface like a view. For example, I would like to share particular interface in read only mode and do not want the user to be able to go and see all contents of the base. Currently, if I give read-only permissions the user can go and see all tables in the base.

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+1 we need to be able to share interfaces with non-airtable users and also embed on our internal website for view only

+1!!! Need this so badly, otherwise I have to use Softr which I don’t really want to.

Honestly I don’t understand Airtable silence about this popular request.

If limiting sharing to email is a way for Airtable to get more people to register, it’s going to flop - especially at the Enterprise level. The sharing paradigm through a link as a view only or permissions-based is something that’s well established with Airtable, why switch it up now? I have a lot of information in my interface that would benefit my entire org to see - but no one currently can since I don’t want to require they all log-in first…

Adding in another request. I build an interface for bakers to view and manipulate recipes on their ipads in the kitchen. Upon completion, I have spent hours down the rabbit hole only to find that this is not possible. I feel my whole investment in airtable is a loss unless I can share my interface with my client on an ipad. As a database nerd, I am loving the program. But I bought into the idea of building a DB with a user interface so my clients who are not data people have a safe way of interacting with the data without harming it. I don’t understand withholding this function, as I thought this was the whole point of Airtable. Thank you for listening.

+1 We have built Airtable out as our pricing, project management, and options tool which we need to be able to interface with clients without allowing them to see all of our base table data. The interface we created has our delivery slots along with payment due dates, milestones for each slot, and the model options available for each slot including model pricing. In the backend there are many variables included in the rollup cost. Now clients are asking to see what they can they buy, for how much, and when will it be delivered. When will payments be required? Oh sorry, we can’t show you our interface that gives you all that info… so frustrating! Please fix this so we can send a link to anyone.

Adding my frustration here. This seems so obvious to add.

I will say it again: the silence of Airtable Team about this absolutely popular request is something difficult to understand. Are they deaf? Or do the have an strategy the don’t want to reveal? Second option is probably the right answer but we all are impatient. we need this feature now!! :pray:

I beseech you Airtable! Please, please, please can we share interfaces like views. I can’t imagine why it’s so hard, given you already allow sharing views. Its the end of May 2022 and we are still begging???

Please do this!!!

If you publish a base to the Airtable Universe does that enable interface sharing? I combed through a bunch of examples on the Universe but didn’t see any with dashboards/interfaces…

Yes please! I know you can share read only links to an entire base and create a dashboard from that, but Interfaces need it as well as dashboards have limited functionality.

Being able to share a read only “view” of my Interface is top priority for our business and clients. The fact there’s been radio silence on this topic since last Oct/Nov’s roll out is a major reason we are divesting from Airtable… That and no more API keys being handed out. Please, please, please give us users an updated on this important feature.

+10 here too. It’s frustrating to be so close!

+1. Outright waste of time and useless without public sharing.

+1 for me. This is vitally necessary for front-facing customers.

+1 for this! It should exist!

Awaiting a few months already!
!!! Airtable Team how long do we need to wait for it ?!?!
:pray: :pray: :pray:

Pessimistically, due to Airtable’s silence on this core feature, I believe that they intend to keep things the way they are and force people to pay for full licensing for all recipients to use interfaces. I think its the wrong long term choice, but that does seem to be the choice they are making.