Re: Is this layout in Airtable? Or something else?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

My friend showed me her Airtable and I swear there was a layout like the image attached. A big table layout with graphs, notes, and documents. You could zoom out to see the relationships and organizational structure or you could zoom in and actually read the documents and spreadsheets themselves.

Can anyone help me find this? 

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Maybe I'm kicking in an open door here, but can't you ask your friend which software she used for this? And then let us know? 😇

I wrote and called her last week. She's on a Safari in South Africa. I'm running three humanitarian warehouses in Ukraine and am trying to get this Airtable set up for them ASAP. So I came to this community in case I could get an answer before my friend replies to me.

That makes sense 👍

Well, this is hard to say from a hand-drawn sketch (and I understand you cannot get a screenshot). It *looks* like it might be a dashboard page created in an Airtable Interface. *But* you mentioned zooming in and zooming out and having things get bigger. With an interface you *might* be able to have links that switch to other pages. Otherwise, I suspect this was done in something like Notion or Coda or something else. Sorry can't be more helpful.