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Laggy Interface Designer

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Anyone else having issues with the Interface Designer? Mine is so laggy I can't even use it. 

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I'm having the same issue on all interface pages. It is virtually unusable from the lag. 

Note: This is for a base that has 2 records only. I split up my basic interface into several other pages as well, so there's only a few grid views on each page. However, they still lag so that you basically can't drag and drop anything. It is near impossible to use.

I am also having this issue. 

I m also having this issue, does anyone know if the problem will be solved ? And when ? Thanks in advance

Same problem here.

I contacted the support team, and they walked me through a few things. 1. I've noticed significant improvements to my interface after contacting the support team (I changed nothing), and 2. There are some easy wins to make this less likely to happen (e.g., less grids), but my impression from the support team is that these fixes would be temporary, not long-term solutions, and they are committed to doing the needed work on the back-end to resolve this issue in the long-run. 

Thanks Blake. I did discover that it worked best if I had no more than 4 windows open in the airtable app. Which is unfortunate but survivable.