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5 - Automation Enthusiast

hello guys

I  have outdoor laser tag business , I’m running airtable about 5 months . It’s amazing . 

after every  birthday booking . I need login to different service to create digital birthday invite . I’m  Enters the data into the system the important details: name kids , ages , address , city , and created birthday invitation. 

Also have format text to use . If it’s 2 Childs together .
or if it’s adults and not birthday . So I can choose the right words to use . And then the invite order include the following details and text .  

it’s looks like this :

I was wondering if it is possible to do it directly from airtable  


if I have the all details on airtable already . Why no use them to create dynamic link from my Wordpress website . 

I need only 1 or 2  design ( post? ) for the birthday invitation. It’s short video  background . 

Each client need birthday invitation so in click from airtable it’s create unique link . And update airtable with . 

The next step is to use make and whatsupp app . 

and send to client massage with the url to share his family & friends . 
The language is Hebrew

If you think it's possible, I'd love for you to write to me


Thanks , David 

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6 - Interface Innovator


Nice to meet you David. From what I gathered, it looks like yes its possible. 

I would be happy to hop on a call with you to discuss it further. Please feel free to use my link to schedule time or email me. 





Hm, I'm not really sure what you're trying to do, sorry. Are you trying to send data to fiestaa from Airtable? 

I want to create a digital order through my WordPress site from the details I have in Airtable.
I have 2 types of clients
1. Birthdays
2. Other events

For every birthday event in the chat bot I get details and I talk to the customer and write down a few more details in the airtable.

I need a button on the airtable that will make a birthday order with all the details of the birthday.

The WordPress site will have an example page or post:
that will be used for the invitation with all the inscription of the invitation

You are invited to the birthday of:
who turns 8 years old
and so ..

If it is other events
You are invited to a laser tag activity
and so...

After it creates a unique url for the client. He will send it to the customer on WhatsApp.

Ah I see!  Hm, I think the simplest method might be using something like Zapier to create a post for you on Wordpress based on the data from Airtable

If you're not keen on doing a Wordpress post, you might need to do some custom code on Wordpress's side where your site would pull the data from Airtable directly, and so your links might be something like:

And your custom code would pull data from Airtable and display it in your template

I'm not using zapier , only make . 


and yes your solution is good . so that's mean every client inviting birthday will be like this just different id ? 

that's meinvite.php?id=recjScaRNAL43Tgsh

and every client I created from Airtable ? 

do you know do it ? 


Thanks , David 

Yeah Make has a "Create Post" action too, so give that a try and see if that works as that way you could handle it yourself and wouldn't need to hire someone

Yeap, I know how to do it.  That's primarily going to be done on Wordpress though, so if you have a Wordpress consultant that you've got a good relationship with you might want to talk to them instead!