Airtable mistakenly disabled my account and support will not help - LA Times news cient

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I work with Los Angeles Times newspaper. Airtable has mistakenly disabled my team’s account. After multiple inquiries to customer support, I am getting NO help. They are saying that the account was accidentally disabled do to an association with a competing media company. It seems airtable has disabled all accounts with the LA Times URL email address due to a competing media company who is inquiring about moving to an Enterprise account. After days of explaining that this is not my company and getting nowhere with support, and this effecting our business, Meawhile, my account is still attempting to be charged, even though we are unable to even log in to the free version of the platform. I am resorting to posting this here, in the hopes that someone might tell me how to speak with a senior customer support person and get this resolved, before we have to take legal action.

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