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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Is my first time with this tool and I’m not sure that is a DataBase but I need something that is commonly used in excel with function lookv or filter. For example, I have so many records in the DB but I need to fill (I think in a grid) show me the coincident results for example: I have pipes and connectors and so many things in a store but I need when I put pip… the airtable show me the different pipes to choose for example 1/2" pvc, 1/2"iron, 1"steel, 1 1/2"pvc to add to the inventory or if I know the reference the same I put the initials and airtable show me all references that begin with this letters to add or discount the quantity I don’t know if I was clear.

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Hi @Juan_Carlos_Castillo,
Welcome to Airtable. Airtable is a very powerful tool, but is not Excel and though it looks similar it operates differently.

You are on the right path though thinking about Airtable as a database with a friendly user interface (at least that is how I describe it)

Since you are familiar with Vlookup and Filtering in Excel you should be able to jump into Airtable easily.

There are some great built-in training modules and there are members on this forum that have created excellent resource materials.

Without knowing very much about your current project, you should look into Airtable Views and how to use them, these are like filters of all data with sorting and grouping options that you can save to reference later or perform other functions in Airtable on. The left hand panel of your Base are Views, there are different types like Grid and Calendar and you can name the View as you please.

If you have a table named inventory you may want columns similar to:

Product Code | Category | Quantity in Stock | Size | Material

Now you can group your data on the Category column to see all Pipes and then sort them by Material and Size for example. You can save this View with a unique name like Pipes, and anytime you need to look up pipes you access that View and all you will see from the DB are Pipes.

This is a very simplified approach and Airtable is capable of much much more when you review linked records.

Let me know if this is helpful or if you have more specific questions. Happy to help!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you very much for your quick answer I know I can see the information with filters and find where ever I want but my question is mainly to give the information in the same situation when I collect with GRID for example my intention is to put pipe… and the airtable show me the different pipes and put the item to enter with quantity and price or item sold because If I didn’t see probably put for example Pipe1.5 and is different to put Pipe 1.5 (space in the middle) and is the same item but the system give two different, I don’t know if understand, thanks