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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone,

I understand that I cannot have a birthday reminder or a medicine reminder on email. Something that auto repeats itself - seems not possible even when we use zapier or integromat - because they ask for trigger.

Unfortunately, the formula field - being a computed field does not have an updated modified time. So created time and modified time remains the same. There is no new record in a view and hence there is no trigger.
It is strange that we cannot have a ANNUAL birthday reminder OR A DAILY MEDICINE REMINDER on email using third party app because there is no trigger. The system will work once. But will not work on the second iteration because there is no change in modified time, created time & no new record is formed.

Has anybody created any such systems from which mails can automatically be send on daily/weekly/monthly basis without any manual editing?

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I feel your pain. I’m not certain but I think you need to trick Airtable into thinking the record has been modified and then I believe services like Zapier will trigger.

Yes. I have built many automated systems that do this using the API. but, it is not easy - you need to manage record states in context with time in an environment external to Airtable.

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10 - Mercury

@sourav_kumar - this use case is covered with our On2Air: Actions product.

Hi @Bill.French

Thanks anyway!!

This is related to another thread started by @sourav_kumar, so I’ll also briefly post a note here in case anyone else finds this first.

Triggering automations on a timer instead of a data change is doable in Integromat. I’ve got several Integromat scenarios that run at specific intervals—some daily, others weekly—and operate on Airtable data based on searches. To set this up, make the first module in the scenario an Airtable search module. Set up the search as you wish to find specific data in a table, and add other modules as needed to operate on the records returned from that search.

On that first module you’ll see a clock symbol. Click that to open a dialog where you can specify the schedule for running the scenario.


To do something similar in Zapier, start the zap with the “Schedule by Zapier” app, following the prompts to pick a time. Zaps can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


Hi All, I posted a question that is also about emails and AirTable. Anyone from this wonderful group have input? I’d be so appreciative. Connecting Email and AirTable