Best way to display long text records externally without a login?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have some projects where I routinely (once a week or so) have to make a survey that fills out an fields in Airtable.  The surveys are mostly open-ended, so there are lots of long text fields.

I share these externally by, currently, simply creating a view and sharing a link to that.

Not the best, since it's hard to see the questions themselves (contained in the name of the field) and there is so much text that even very tall fields made quite big get unruly.

And of course Airtable interfaces don't do me much good since you have to log in.  I have too many different, ever-changing clients to make anyone do that.

Plus, since this is essentially new survey every single time, meaning new fields every single time, I ultimately need any setup involved to be relatively minimal

Anyone have any ideas about how to display this sort of info in an easier to read manner? Or am I probably just best sticking with a shared view given the relative ease?

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Shared views are the easiest. Alternatively, you could use a tool like DocsAutomator to create a shareable Google Docs file or DocuMint to create a shareable PDF file. With those tools, you could format those documents in any way that you would like, and distribute the URL to your clients.

— ScottWorld, Expert Airtable Consultant