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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


We are a charity/NFP who has been working on a basic "help our volunteers be able to do their job" system for a while. Tried everything, it looks like one of our key issues can be solved by Airtable

We are aiming to use Airtable as simple terrotory based CRM platform, because it is very straight forward and visual to use. Very impressed so far. our users are not technical and dont need to be fighting screens and awful processes. They just need simple sheet views.

(Amongst other things, this is the first thing)

We have a lot of contacts and great with Zapier etc. What we want to do is to continue to update items via Zapier as the customers are engaging with us. However wanted to know if a couple of things are possible.

 - Decent Visual emails out of the platform, as Mailchimp is great on the graphics but not good with much else.
 - Block list. So if a customer signs up who we have blocked, can we automatically remove them based on email.
 - Merging records. Record A exists, record B has new data, can that be merged and not lose record A.
 - Selectively email people based on a view filter, 

Lastly, once all the people are in, I want to give access to territories for our team members so they can only see and interact with their territory/sms them etc. Possible?

Sorry for the long question, trial and error on about 30 platforms so far led us here.

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