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4 - Data Explorer


I am trying to create a simple automation for a ‘date completed’ field that takes todays date and inserts into the ‘date completed’ field when a certain status is selected. It seems that New Zealand will not work correctly for this whatsoever though.

The first issue is that the local selection for date formatting is not correct at all and shows the date as M/D/Y rather than D/M/Y.

The second issue I encounter is that the date is always actually a day behind. It seems to show the date in GMT rather than NZDT even when I have tried to set it to NZDT. TODAY() shows 10/17/2022 even though today it is 18/10/2022.

Can anybody help?!

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You can change the format settings for date and date/time fields to display D/M/YYYY.

The issue for getting TODAY() to show the proper date is a bit more difficult. One hack is to use a formula field with `DATE_ADD(TODAY(), 1, ‘days’)