Re: Forms: How to have pre-filled fields in a form with unique combinations

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,
I have 4 tables that are linked - they are as followed:
Table 1) People who fills in the form
Table 2) Companies (105)
Table 3) Research Areas (17)
Table 4) Questions (5)
I want to create forms that match one company, in one research area, with one question - like;
Company 1-105 + Area 1-17 + Question 1-5 - where these variables change, so each form is sent to a person who fills in the form with a specific combination. One person, one combination.
So I select the combination (best if it’s automated) and the form only makes it possible to answer the question with predefined options. So the first fields are pre-filled by me - hope it makes sense. I’m new to Airtable.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

While it is possible to generate the urls for forms prefilled with different combinations, it is always possible for the person filling out the form to change the prefilled values. It is not possible to “lock” those prefilled values in place.

There are 3rd party form services that let you set hidden fields, and thus the recipients couldn’t change those hidden values. However, these systems take more configuring, and I do not know if the number of unique combinations that you want is really feasible with them.

Thanks for your reply - really valuable! Do you know some of the 3rd party form services I can check out?

JotForm is widely considered to be the best.

It also can submit form data directly into Airtable, and it can even dynamically pull data from Airtable with On2Air Forms.