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Gathering email addresses from table that only has client links

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Hi, I have a table with clients linked for certain projects and am looking to grab only their email addresses for a bulk email, without opening up 100s of clients to grab those specific email addresses. Any ideas?

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Hey Jessica. Am I correct in concluding your table is setup something like this?

Clients (table)

Email (single line text)

Linked Projects (linked record)
some project name
some other project name

Projects (table)

Name (single line text)
some project name
some other project name

Clients (linked record)

If so, your solution would be to add a lookup field to the Projects table. A lookup field can retrieve any fields from a linked record. It looks like this:

Client Emails (lookup)
jessica@jessica.jessica, zollie@zollie.zollie

You want a quick and dirty solution that lists all the email addresses so you can copy and paste them into an email message (or something), right?

Yes. I just have certain client names in the table, their data is in another table. Sorry I’m new at this.


One approach - since you only need the emails addresses, why not just dump the table containing the email addresses into a CSV export and then import that into Excel or Google sheets and you’ve got the data.

Also, it’s possible to display the table, select only the email addresses column and use Ctrl-C/Cmd-C to copy the entire list and then paste elsewhere.

Does this achieve the objective or did I miss something?

I don’t want to email all my clients in the client tab, just the ones linked in this tab. Does that make sense?

Ok, create a view and set the filter to include only those items where links exist, then copy the addresses.