I have a survey that linked to contacts on a CRM I am building. Need help massively on some fields pleaseee :)

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4 - Data Explorer

If a person is ON the CRM but their ‘Current Title’ field is empty in the CRM. When they select their name on a dropdown list on the survey, how can I show the current title and company fields ONLY to them and not show to those that have their current title completed on the CRM?

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Hi @Maryam_Mazraei and welcome to the community!

Simple answer: you can’t. You could make a personal URL for each person that prefills their curent title/company in the form or you could use a third party app, like Stacker or MiniExtensions.

Oh no way! Thanks for letting me know. Really appreciate it.

How about if someone on the CRM already has some fields pre-filled such as their Twitter and Linkedin. And when I send out a survey to ALL my contacts to update their details and they fill out Twitter and Linkedin again - it should over-ride the existing fields on the CRM but its creating a new field. Any idea why?

A filled in form always creates a new record. You could use 2 tables, one for the form and one with your list, and then use an automation to update your list with the received input.

It is possible to create a form in one table and then use the “share link” to make a formula in the other table to prefill it. That way, you get the info from one table, but the input in the other one.