Kanban view & moving records based on a checkbox

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hiiii all,

I’m using Airtable for my to lo list (or I’m trying to). I’ve got a number of projects that I’m working on, all with separate labels/kanban stacks. I’ve got what I thought would be an easy problem to solve, but I can’t figure it out.

I’ve got a checkbox field for completed tasks and when I click that, I’d like the item to be moved to the ‘done’ stack (and assigned the ‘done’ label).

For the moment I’m doing the compromised workaround of using a filtered view, which takes out anything that has a ticked checkbox, but this isn’t ideal.

Is there any way of moving a record to a different kanban stack by ticking a checkbox?

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

This is an old post but was wondering myself how other people have done so this came up in search. I have accomplished this by using an automation. There may be another way doing this, perhaps using a script. 

Added another field for select field and then is being filled by automation (2 conditional actions) depending on whether the checked field is on or of.  If the checked field was set empty, then the select field will become "no" and if the checked field was checked, then the select field will become "yes".

Another automation will be required if you need to make a new card appear as unchecked when it is created. The second automation will set the select field to "no" when record is created.

Then kanban cards will be sorted based on the selection field yes/no.

This will however cause the following issue.. If you use kanban cards to move the cards around and set the select field value, then the checked field will be outdated. That may be no issue but it would be an issue if you have filtered records based on checked field field rather than on the select field. Of course you can solve it by changing your filter by the select field instead. 

However you may want the checked field to match the select field for various other reasons.

If you need that, then you need to replace the first automation with 2 automations. You will also need to create 2 additional fields in the table, one field will watch for Date change in select field and the other will watch for change in the checked field. Then the 2 automations will be set individually to run if these date change field changes. If Date change for checked field changes, then the automation will run and conditional action will match the select field based on the checked field and vice versa. Same goes for the other automation in reversed way.

That way you have automations that keep the select and checked field matching.  Just make sure the automations are set correctly so they don't create endless loop or you burn through your allotted automations limit.

I use it for vocabulary cards.