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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a base that contains two tables.

Table 1 Meeting Schedule -
Table 2 Meeting Type -

Meeting schedule allows me to select a meeting type and assign it a date and populate the purpose, outcome, previous notes and attendees.

I now want to use the Meeting Schedule link created in Meeting Types to identify the previous and next meeting.

I am currently running a rollup that finds the dates of those events, but I am not able to actually link to the record using that information.

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Previous and next based on what criteria? Are you looking to identify a pattern based on past dates and predict when the next meeting of a certain type should be scheduled?

That would be amazing! Is that even possible? I would love to say this meeting happens every week and this meeting happens every 30 days and run an automation that schedules the meeting.

But what I am doing now is I have a roll up of all meetings based on type. Then for Previous Meeting I take the Max to get the date and for Next Meeting I take the Min for the date of that. What I want to do is to create an actual link to the previous and next without doing that manually. I would assume since I know the dates I should be able to do that by using that date and the meeting type.

No idea. I was just seeking further clarification of your objective. :slightly_smiling_face:

It couldn’t be done purely through formulas because they can’t create links. It could be done via an automation and a few extra fields, but it would take some careful setup because you want to link to two different records from the same table, but in different fields. It will take some time to figure out, and unfortunately I’m short on time right now. The earliest I can play with it would be early next week.