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Re: New record with automatic Default value in single select field

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I have a table with a single select field called “Status” that has 3 values (Pending, Refused, Granted)
I want that every new record to be receiving default “Pending” value and i also want to be able to change it afterwards to either Refused or Granted.

Thank you

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Not a default per se, but if you group your view by the single select field, then you can click or use SHIFT+ENTER to create a new record within any group, and it will have the given single select value by ‘default.’

Currently, selecting a default single select option is not possible.

I’ve seen dozens of people on this board asking for this basic feature as early as 2016, how come is this still not implemented?

I use another workaround:

  1. Create a column called StatusFlag
  2. Set the type of StatusFlag to Number. Set the default value to ‘0’
  3. Create a column called Status.
  4. Set the type of Status to Formula. Enter the following code:

Now, setting the value of StatusFlag to 0,1 or 2 will result in the Status column displaying ‘Pending’, ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’. Because the StatusFlag has a default value of 0, all new records will be ‘Pending’.

You can use this tool that we built:

Set Default Value for Airtable Fields - miniExtensions

A tool to automatically set a default value for ANY field on Airtable. Works with Linked records, single & multi select, etc. Supports scheduling & webhooks.

It works with single select fields and you can schedule it to run regularly so that any new record is automatically filled with the preset value.

5$ per month! …
I wonder if all functions were to cost 5$ how much wed pay in the end…

Looks like a lost cause to try to get the default option on single select list unless we pay for this most basic feature or very clunky work around. Maybe I should start looking for other solutions and I suggest all new comers to do the same as well unless you want to pay through your nose!

If they ever do it, they’ll make you go to a high pricing tier to get it. I mean, if they want you at the highest tier just to be able to bold a field, you know that’s how this will go.

Please add this basic feature @airtable, it’s needed for so many projects…

You can do this with an automation to set a field value upon a new record being created (or form being submitted if that’s the case).