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Re: Push Comments to Slack?

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I have set up a view and I’d like to be updated whenever there is an update to that view in Airtable. That means, when someone does @me in a record, I’d like to be notified in slack. Unfortunately, the slack integration does not seem to trigger any notification when there is a comment added to a record. What gives?

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I’m pretty sure you can only use the native Airtable notifications for comments.

Does indeed seem that way. Would be awesome to get comments in slack, or to get digest emails, as is done by Trello. Speaking of which, the Trello slack integration pushes comments.

Have you considered using Zapier to intercept the Email notifications that @mentions generate and creating Slack posts from them?

Having said that - I agree it would be useful (as an option) to be able to have comments go to Slack through the integration - on the other hand there is also the thought that the whole point of commenting in Airtable is to bring the conversation about the data into the database - splitting this off into Slack or any other platform would mean this conversation is separated from the data.

Have not considered zaps because this needs to happen for all members of
my team. With regard to bringing the conversation into airtable, that’s
precisely what I want to do, but of course I can’t because i haven’t been
notified in a slack channel that there is a conversation going on.

hi @Gene_Sigalov - I get why Zaps wouldn’t be a great solution in that case - and it would be nice to have Slack notifications as an option here.

You would get either mobile push notifications or email notifications however.

I would be super interedted if you guys find a solution for this.

It looks like the last reply to this feed was a couple months ago-
Has anyone been able to find a solution for pushing @mentions in Airtable to Slack notification w/out zapier?

This is a big deal for us too. I’d love to get people using Airtable more, but it’s really important that we can funnel comments to Slack. Adding yet another communication channel is not an option.

We need is a “mention” trigger for Zapier and/or a comments/mentions filter for Slack notifications.



My team actually COMPLETELY avoids commenting Airtable because we want our discussions to be in one place; SLACK. If we could pump Airtable comments to Slack, it’d open up all kinds of possibilities. Especially given the absence of granular access permissions per table/field.

Please emulate Asana’s Slack notification features. We’d like the exact same state-change updates; available per view and targeted to specific Slack channels.

Alternatively, we’d welcome Zapier support for Slack notification upon Airtable comment. But it’s a lot to maintain. A native, Asana-esque solution is preferred.

Yes. And valid. But the alternative is to let/ask my team to comment in several discrete systems: Dropbox, Google Sheets, Airtable, Asana, etc…

Instead, our very deep preference is to consolidate all discourse to Slack, leveraging integrations to do so.

Agreed that proximity to the actual data in discussion is critical, but my argument would be that a sufficient integration/bot should be able to greatly narrow that void.

I agreed we should be able to send emails directly to Airtable as comments or tasks

Just want to add another voice to the conversation and vote for Slack DMs + Airtable notifications.

The Zapier integration works, and I use it for sending me Slack notifications with certain emails, but it is clunky. It also requires you to have access to other user’s email accounts in order to trigger the action.

Adding my +1 to this as a feature. We use Okta here and, presuming we decide to move to enterprise, we’d have both Airtable and Slack logins inside Okta so we should be able to easily manage secure integration.

Another thought since we do this with some custom apps: make Slack a login for our Airtable instances. At that level of depth, then it should be possible for every team member who’s in the system to get notifications pushed directly as Slack DMs.

Final thought: what about just adding the trigger? As it is, the triggering setup today allows me to push to anything readable in my Slack instance, and that includes every DM conversation. So there is a mechanism for reaching users directly – it’s just that the system isn’t designed to encourage anything other than in-base alerts and email.


Bummed this does not exist and this seems like an obvious feature.

Airtable record comment or mention > pushed to Slack channel

Tried Zapier, Integeromet, IFTTT, etc. but none have triggers to enable this.

The only sorta workaround (per above) would be to create a Zap for every user in Airtable based upon when they receive an email from Airtable that they were mentioned, but this would not work with general comments.

Please take a look at this Airtable team :slightly_smiling_face:

Woah! Just wanted to set that up. Lame that they haven’t yet implemented this :frowning:

+1 for this feature and surprised it doesn’t exist, actually the airtable <–> slack integration is pretty weak in general which is a bummer. agree w/ Andrew_Enright’s stance that I want to keep as much comment level discourse in one place (slack) and tie it in to other tools.

I’d like to upvote this. My specific use case is just a basic notification preference. My options for @mentions are mobile push notifications and email. I would much prefer getting these notifications via slack!

+1 to this feature request. Very surprised this isn’t supported.

Use case = all comments in a base be pushed to a specified Slack channel.