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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I'm looking for some help with improvement of a "Work on Today" field.

The field we have currently is a checkbox for each colleague--each person has their own "Work on Today" checkbox with their name marking their field. In a view of my tasks on the base, I have it grouped so that when I check my "Work on Today" box, it will automatically then show that task (along with any others I have marked) at the top of my view.

It works great as it is, however, we have more colleagues now and it would be great to have a single field for all colleagues that had the same function as the above one. However, I cannot get one to work in the same way because of groupings/filters.

Initially, I thought a "Work on Today" multiple choice field would work as each person could select their own name when they were working on a task that day. The issue with a field like is that the view can't function in the same way. If a task a colleague and I are both working on is marked by that colleague as "Work on Today," it will still show up in the "Work on Today" grouping of my personal view because there is no way to filter the grouping. Essentially, if a task a colleague and I are both assigned to is marked as "Work on Today" by a multiple choice field they chose by selecting their name, it will still show up in my "Work on Today" grouping as there is no way to exclude that task from the grouping without filtering it out entirely from the view (and it still should be in the view since it is one of my tasks, just not one I am working on today). If only there was some kind of way to make the "Work on Today" grouping conditional if the task was marked by me as "Work on Today" that would solve the issue.

Does anyone have thoughts for an alternative idea?

Thank you!

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