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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I am trying to create a way to record for my barn which volunteers cleaned which stalls on which day, that I can then view by volunteer to see what days they’ve worked, and yet another view to count how many stalls they’ve worked in a day, week, month, etc.

I got created my first table and form for inputting that day’s records, and it’s working great! The first column is “DATE” and the rest of the columns are “Stall 1”, “Stall 2” etc. The cells contain the date in the first column, and then the Volunteer’s names under the Stall columns. I created a second table with volunteer names, but I’m not sure I’m linking properly.

Suggestions on how to set up my data so I can create views to see by single day (original table), By volunteer’s # of days works, and also by volunteer’s # of stalls cleaned? This will help immensely for us all to track their hours so they can get the credit they deserve.

Thank you so much!!

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Each of these columns should be Link to Record fields pointing at Table 2. That way when you fill them in, you’d be selecting from your list of names of who completed that stall’s cleaning.

To get the number of Stalls cleaned per Volunteer, your Volunteer table should have one Count-type field per Stall. Then a Formula field would add all the counts together.

Alternatively, you could have a different Table setup that will make counting days and stalls easier because it would result in far fewer link relationships, but data entry perhaps a bit less smooth because it would require submitting the form multiple times per day:

  • One table for Volunteers
  • One table for Stalls
  • One table for Work: each record here will link to just one Stall and just one Volunteer (so you would fill out the form for as many stalls were cleaned that day)