Re: Seeking a base that allows the public to create orders/inquiries

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’ve been playing around with a template that doesn’t quite meet my needs for weeks, and trying to develop one from scratch. I could use the hive-mind help.

I have a product table linked to a vendor table. I am looking to have public users submit a form (ie make an inquiry/purchase) by clicking on a product tile rather than a generic form that then forces them to choose a product from a dropdown list of all products. Zapier should be able to generate the communications between buyer and seller.

Any templates out there? Any designer/developer want to help walk me through a plan?

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You cannot setup an Airtable native form to have users click on a product tile to make a purchase. If you can code, you can create a web form pulling in data from the API.

Some of these third party resources can help you, but most will require an ongoing subscription. If you want to hire a designer/developer, you can also post in the “Hire a consultant” part of the community, and you will get a lot of replies.

Thanks, have hit up a few consultants in the Hire a Consultant forum.