Should we just start submitting bug reports for every single new feature?

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It’s getting pretty insane with these new features being rolled out long enough to be excited about them then rolling them back. About to leave the platform and stop pushing it to clients over the BS Games. Really hope we get that great formula editor back some time soon. @Jordan_Scott1

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Sorry, just had to laugh a little at this one. It’s worthy of repeating.

Without question. Bugs like these can be found almost instantly by any user who you drag out of bed at 4:10 AM and force them to use these new features with one eye closed. If that’s the case, your QA team must be drunk or high when they deem a new release has measured up to “gold master” quality.

How many times must I suggest that significant changes warrant a simple switch that allows users to opt in for the latest “beta” behavior while sustaining the ability to run in legacy mode should users need to pull the rip cord.

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Yes, hopefully it will return without this bug.

At least, it wasn’t released on a Tuesday :roll_eyes: :smiling_face_with_halo:

Lol, this is the saving grace here!

Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Rebecca_Elam ! I hope you’re doing well. Totally understand the frustration around this. For some additional context, we approach product releases by gradually rolling out new features so that if bugs are reported, we can address them before rolling them out to 100% of users. This is why historically, we have waited until we are close to a full ramp to formally announce features on the forums. We are currently looking into the way we roll out features so that we can standardize this process and reduce confusion. We are also exploring how we can improve the “what’s new” base to help with this as well. I appreciate your patience and apologies if this has added any stress to your week, but we hope to have this feature back on as soon as possible and I will share an update once that happens.

Jordan, thank you for this insight into how Airtable approaches product releases. In theory this makes sense, because there will always be unexpected bugs when new software is introduced to a much wider set of circumstances. However, this phrasing sounds bad. It feels like you are using a random sampling of users as early testers. These poor users don’t even get a say in whether or not they want to be Guinea pigs.

In addition to better communication about the rollout of features, it also sounds like there needs to be better QA and code reviews. It would also be nice if users could choose (possibly on a per-workspace level) how new features are rolled out to them.

It would also be nice if users could choose (possibly on a per-workspace level) how new features are rolled out to them. - @kuovonne

This is a solid suggestion. And there are a few good models out there for this.

For example: Microsoft has beta, preview, and current “circles” for Office365 which users can opt in to. Beta is obvious, Preview gets working features early as they graduate from Beta, Current is the last to get them and I believe that they are bundled quarterly.

Another option: Admins get notified of new features as they become available and can accept them immediately, or delay rollout to their users users for up to 30 days.

Yeah, Airtbale’s approach is pretty alarming.

So now it has been announced on Facebook so is this a feature or isn’t it?

It is live! I have also posted a formal announcement here - should be good to go now :slightly_smiling_face: