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Allow buttons to load page designer for linked records

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I love the button feature that allows a record to be viewed in page designer, which can then show all sorts of related information. It would be nice to have a button in a linked table load the page designer for the linked record.

Example: Table Students has a page designer app that displays the students name and a table of linked records from the Course Enrollments table. A button in the Students table would quickly open that view. (This is the existing behavior) Then in the Course Enrollments table, also have a button that when clicked opens that same page designer app but for the student linked to that Course Enrollment record which would then show the other related Course Enrollment records.

A script app could easily be programmed to do something similar but the script app tends to be a bit slow.

Maybe a setting when creating the button that can detect the table that the page designer is set to. If it is for a linked table, and that linked field that only allows one linked record, just open that linked record in the page designer. However if the linked field allows for more than one record, perhaps the page designer opens up a modified “view” filter with only those linked records. (My example doesn’t hold in this scenario).