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Allow Live Forms to show more details / images when using a Linked Record field.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
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What is the problem this is addressing?
When using forms, we use linked records to make selections - in our case - a certain product to be used when we build out a quote.  Unfortunately, the current setup on the forms is limiting the record name.  If a record name is extremely long, its getting cut-off and our estimators and sales are making incorrect selections because they don't know the full product name in the system. We can try to come up with abbreviations for many parts in the product name, but that can also lead to confusion and result in the wrong products being selected during the quoting process, producing an inaccurate quote.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 143709.png

What is the proposed idea/solution?

There are 3 options we can see that would address this issue.

  1. Let the record selection screen go wider based on the record names so they don't get cut off.
  2. Let the record selection screen wrap the record names, making the record deeper if needed to show the full name.
  3. Have the record selection in the live form actually match how it is displayed in the form builder -- to allow a more detailed view with the photo of the product as pictured.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 083850.png

How does is solve the user problems?

Any of these solutions/suggestions would allow for more details on a linked record to appear so that the correct record could be selected.  While I would hope to have option 3 as the solution with the visual representation being used to make sure we are selecting the correct records, Options 1 and 2 (I would assume) would be easier fixes that could be applied to address the problem.

Who is the target audience?

Our current audience, in our case, is internal usage for employees to select the correct records to compile quotes and work orders with the correct products.  Eventually, if something like option 3 was used, this could be used for order systems that are open to consumers and clients, allowing them to make a selection on what they see when words fail them, allowing a clear selection to the product and allowing for more error proof ordering.