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Feature Request: Visually dividing a long record into different sections with a line

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

For those with LONG records (such as >30 fields)…

Wouldn’t it be nice to VISUALLY break up the record in a way such that you know where you are in the record?

I routinely work on a database that has approx 60 fields per record. The new Conditional Forms field on Airtable has been a lifesaver and is a GREAT upgrade.

However, when you are NOT entering the data in the “Form”, but rather looking at the record in the Grid view, you still see all the fields and it can be overwhelming to scroll through them all. (And in my case, creating a different view with some fields turned OFF is not a good solution)

My idea would be to add horizontal divider lines and/or spacers to visually break up the record to allow you to see where you are within the record.

Alternative #2, have vertical colored lines that run along the side of the opened record which signal where you are in the record. (You could choose the color label when you create the field).

See example below:
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 2.14.13 PM