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Field Permissions to Allow for Script Manipulation

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Apologies in advance, if this has already been recommended or if this feature already exists, and I just missed it.

Currently, when editing the permissions on a specific field, the two exceptions for editing a field are for allowing fields to be set through forms and allowing fields to be modified by automations as shown below.


I think it would be beneficial to have a 3rd slider in here for the option to allow fields to be modified by the scripting app as well.

Considering that the slider for automations already exists and scripts can be made within an automation, I feel like this would make sense.

As a personal example of how this could be beneficial, I have a field in one of my bases that is a list of keywords for a record, used to reference, and search on a record. This list is a comma separated list of words and phrases. I don’t really want someone going and trying to edit the list manually, so instead, I created buttons, one for adding keyword/s and one for removing. Both of these buttons prompt scripts that will direct the user to add and remove words accordingly. But, in order for them to use these scripts, the field must have permissions that allow their account, depending on what their permission level is, to edit that field.

Another example I can think of as being beneficial would be if someone had a script to process certain data in a base according to a set of rules within a script. They may not want a user to edit a field manually, but they are okay with the user running a script that modifies the field.

I feel as though this would be beneficial in terms of permission setting and security within a base.