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Please bring back reverse order on linked records!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

This function was key! For how I use my base and linked records, it always showed my last linked task at the top, basically giving me a running history, with the most recent (and most relevant) available at the top of the list, which also meant that the most recent “task” link is visible to me in the basic grid view for quick reference, without having to click on anything. Now if I don’t manually remember to change it, I see an older, no longer relevant task for that record. Just give us back the choice, please. This was brilliant on my older base, and now kind of just sucks. Airtable’s beauty is in how slick and quick it works, and this just brought it down a bit. One more thing I have to remember to manually change now.
One of those things you didn’t realize you counted on until it was gone! Need to see the LAST occurrence first.