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Field Search needs improvement

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11 - Venus
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When searching for fields via the pop-up widget "Select Fields to Show" (Automation Script - Find Records Grid toggle) and "Find a field" within the Grid View Hidden Fields control, the search required to find the desired field is too specific and the returns aren't broad enough.

Airtable users would absolutely benefit from being provided improved "tokenised" field searches, where for example, if I had a field with the following name;

"10km Run Handicap (Most Recent)"

Upon typing in the field search query "10km recent" then I could expect any field to return that contain the tokens "10km" and "recent". As it stands, users are required to type almost the exact field name to have the desired field returned - which is overly frustrating, considering the way most field names need to be constructed when dealing with hundreds of similar functioning fields, all with similar names, within the table.

The user needs the ability to type in a word (token) that the field may contain at the start, and another word(token) that the field may contain in the middle, or the end of the name, and see the fields that they're looking for.

Field Search operators would also be massively welcomed, for example I could use the search term "10km OR 5km recent" to return all fields with either "5km" or "10km", and the word recent. Another example could be "NOT 2km recent" where both "5km" and "10km" results containing the word "recent" would return, but nothing with "2km".