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full size single column view

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

single record view has the vertical form like view. it is nice. but i think in PC view, one the reason why we use this single view is to widen up and see all the attributes of a record.

since airtable uses a table / like concept, when a table has huge numbers of columns ( like in my main table i mostly open when i use airtable has about 70 attributes ), the table view has loooong horizontal scroll. to find an attribute is kind of a big switching task.

so i feel like to open it big, so i type key space ( single record view ) but the monitors usually we use are 16:9 or 4:3 or something like that. horizontally wide, then again you have to scroll looooong vertically.

like 2 or 3 columns ( responsive width ) in a full screen. and vertical scroll.

most of the users will use fixed monitors, and making the window full sized to the monitor, because airtable default table view fits that usecase. and when we turned into single view, big “shadow” part appears and feel like it is misuse of the wide spaces. because users are using fixed sized monitors they can remember the location of the columns in full sized views, to remember and find the attribute in the big single view is very easy ( like smartphones has the “place” base UI to make users find it very fast. not logical ( word ) based finding process, but location based finding process.

asana last year something like this ( full size single record ).