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Grid View - Field Labels

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus
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What is the proposed idea/solution?

Labels for Fields within the Grid View. Form Views have them, but we need them in Grid Views too.

How does is solve the user problems?

Similarly to a Form View, I'd like to see Field Labels available for use within the Grid View. Labels become overly useful when tables are busy with countless fields that result in having complicated names usually to cater for schema and base design.

But such complex Field Names become disconnected from their audience - such as when a Grid View is created, specific fields are shown (with their complicated base-design related field names) and then that view is shared/embedded with the read-only audience. The audience is left to consume the shared data with those awkwardly complex field names.

One workaround is for the base designer to post-adjust those complex field names to something more simpler for their target audience - but this only works when the data is being consumed via one Grid View. If the field is to displayed (yet represent different data, thanks to clever/efficient base design), then the name must be left ambiguous to cater for the multiple views where that field is visible.

Another workaround is to spin up many formula fields with the desired field name that simply reference the other complex fields, but this strikes me as bad design and I can't justify employing such an ugly workaround.

To help explain this dilemma further - take my current hobby project for my local running club where I have a field called "Fastest Runner". Due to all the events, time fields, position fields, roll-ups and lookups, field name needs to be detailed for base design - such as "Fastest Runner (from Event) (excluding volunteers)" - or something similar.

From there, this field is used in many Grid Views, four of which are exposed on the clubs website via Embedded Views - which is where the problem is.

Four embedded Grid Views

  • 10km - Mens Results
  • 10km - Womens Results
  • 5km - Mens Results
  • 5km - Womens Results

All of these Grid Views display Fastest Runner (from Event) (excluding volunteers) , but really, each one of them needs to have this name adjusted for the audience. Perhaps I'd like each view to have the field labelled as;

  • Fasted Male Athlete
  • Fasted Female Athlete

Or maybe,

  • Fasted Male 10km Athlete
  • Fasted Female 10km Athlete
  • Fasted Male 5km Athlete
  • Fasted Female 5km Athlete

And interestingly, this functionality actually exists (!) but only within the Form View - unfortunately not in the Grid View.

Can we please have Field Labels available for use in the Grid View, where they'll be visible within an embedded view as the fields name?

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Further to the idea of Field Labels - here is another example where the raw Field names become an ugly problem - where initially they've been constructed for the creation of the base - they're not very well versed for communicating their content with the desired audience.

Here we see the countless fields required to manage my running club data - yet when it comes to sending members an email with their latest results - I have the awkward situation where by using the default list view data, although members will be receiveing their expected data - it's wrapped up within the overly programatically named fields.


The "List of records" feature is overly convenient - but it leaves the administrator stuck with an ugly field name problem - that usually needs contextually sensitive naming. Maybe a field needs one name for one email automation, and another name for another email automation?

Below screenshot shows the field names and how they grow into infinity as I build this base out.


I might have to manually craft emails, field value by field value, and avoid the "List of records" feature (as much as I'd love to use it. 😢 )