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Interface Builder :: New Record Automation Visible from Interface Builder

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
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I would like to propose an enhancement to Interface Builder regarding new record creation.  

I created an automation that will auto-populate three fields in the Data View when a new record is created on my "Entries" table.  The automation works as expected in Data View, however, when I create a new "Entry" record in the Interface Builder, the fields that are set to auto-populate in Data View do not auto-populate in Interface Builder.  

I know that creating the record in Interface Builder, closing the record and then opening that same record in Interface Builder will reveal that those fields have been auto-populated on the backend, however, the User Experience (UX) is (I think) greatly impacted by potentially causing confusion at best and unnecessary / time-consuming rework at worst.

This enhancement would also send a positive signal to those who have invested signifiant amounts of time crafting their automation workflows.  Having a more consistent experience across the Airtable platform is a win for the platform and the users.