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[Interface] Toggle showing a Copy button

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
Status: New Ideas

Some interfaces are made for data entry that requires copying a lot of items, and it would be absolutely helpful to have a little Copy to clipboard button instead of highlighting text and copying multiple times.

This is especially helpful if:

  • it's a link or an email—this feature will avoid accidentally clicking on them if done manually
  • it's an editable field that usually requires copying than editing—this feature will avoid mistakenly editing the entry

As my suggestion title implies, this is a toggle, allowing Interface designers to show or hide this option. It can also show up when hovered.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'd like this too.  I have several table with "standard reply text" that I want to simply copy from a cell and paste directly into a document... without having to click into the cell, highlighting all the text, worry about accidentally deleting or modifying the text in some way, press Control C, exit the cell... THEN go paste into my document.  Even an Alt-Control-C or Shift-Control-C?  The URL-type field too, please.  It's very counterproductive to have to click the arrow which opens up a browser window, then copy the URL from there.

I went back and see that this works on Windows Edge browser, but I do a lot of composing (primarily in the Zoom Community) on my iPad.  I can't get a Copy to work either in the app or in the Safari browser there.

If I'm missing something that already exists, please educate me!  I've searched extensively, and most relevant results relate to copying a cell and putting the text in another cell - the answers to which generally talk about the excellent use of formulas, which don't help me in this case.